Relations are important – also in the IT industry

And why are they so?

I personally think we only really discover the importance of relations when we dare to give a little of ourselves and are genuinely interested in the people we are in dialogue with, perhaps especially when there is no agenda found at the bottom line.

At WE-CRUIT, we are fortunate to work in an industry where we meet many different people. Each one with a story about how they landed in the IT industry. Whether it is in a role as Project Manager, Developer, Manager, Solution Architect, or something fifth is entirely secondary. Sometimes we experience that it was just as often a coincidence as it was planned. This is where the exciting stories appear.

I have met people who, in their free time, write articles and thriller stories, some who participate in extreme races, sing gospel, go to the gym, go hunting or are excited about cycling, etc.

Every time I get just as fascinated by the fact that there is one common denominator behind all these stories and people – they are all interested in seeing technology and IT project development.

The same applies to the IT Recruitment process. If you invest the time, are sincere and ask the right questions, and are interested in the relations you have built, then you may suddenly learn something new you can utilize. Perhaps, we will also even experience that our relations are evolving.


My point is…

… How often have you sincerely asked and listened without already thinking you know the answer? Without sitting ready with a response? How often do you allow space for the other person to finish saying what they have in mind?