IT Freelance Professionals

At WE-CRUIT we know that creating value for our clients is only possible by nurturing strong relationships with our IT Freelance Professionals – both from a personal and professional perspective.

As a part of the WE-CRUIT family, you will experience that we will do all we can to include and support you – before, during and after a project. We will also ensure connections to other IT Freelance colleagues for you to be able to exchange knowledge and past experiences.

We know that when we have satisfied clients – it is greatly because of professional handling and delivery from you. That is, of course, something we would like to share with you.

Why Choose We-Cruit

  • Increase your pay rate at extended periods for more than 4 months
  • Create an education and certifications account, which we will help you administrate (i.e. booking and coordinating future education)
  • Chance to drive in complex and exciting IT-Projects
  • Receive support and advice relating to your CV
  • Be part of a community, where WE-CRUIT can connect you with other sparring-/business partners
  • And much more

Be A We-Cruit IT Freelance Professional

Send us your updated CV at or contact us to discuss the benefits of choosing WE-CRUIT as your business partner.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Freelance Jobs

WE-CRUIT will continuously share part of our open roles on our LinkedIn profile. If you would like full access to all available roles and have the possibility to get a direct offer – it is a requirement that we have your CV in our database. This to be able to evaluate your profile with incoming requests, and for us to be able to contact you when we see a potential match.

You can send your profile to


WE-CRUIT process personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation and we only store data as long as the information is relevant for the registered IT Freelance Professionals and only with the IT Freelance Professionals’ consent.

Contact WE-CRUIT to learn more about our GDPR processes and our data processor agreement.


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