Who is WE-CRUIT?

Freelance Recruitment is our core competency. We are passionate about creating close work relationships. Thoroughness and decency are at the heart of everything we say and do.

WE-CRUIT is an ambitious SAP/IT Freelance Partner whose core mission is to promptly facilitate the right and solid professional matches between companies and SAP consultants. We acknowledge that it is a matter of trust to let others locate the right human resources for your company. That is why we place great importance and value on creating a close collaboration with all parties. With close and honest partnerships, trust follows, and you can have peace of mind while we find your next consultant.

Thoroughness and decency serve as the glue in our quality assurance. This means that we put in the effort every day, both in handling tasks and human contact. We go the extra mile to always ensure continuous high quality. Therefore, you can count on us saying what we mean and meaning what we say.

Our many years of experience in the industry are our biggest asset. With that advantage, we are competent to, with a loving push, challenge you on your needs. We are always happy to provide feedback on how market trends can support your company’s current and future initiatives.

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We are always ready to help you.


Jean Simone Christensen


Pernille Hygum Mølbach

IT Relations & Recruitment Specialist


Simon Nielsen

Financial student assistant


Maja Schmidt Lauridsen

Visual communication student assistant

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Thomas Rosenberg

financial student assistant


Asger Dalgaard

Financial Student Assistant

Sofie Pichard

Content Creator (student helper)

Our Foundation

WE-CRUIT was established in the spring of 2019 by Jean Simone Christensen based on her passion for creating a different and more relationship-based SAP/IT FREELANCER PARTNER. The company is rooted in the values ​​she believes are essential for a strong, honest, and trusting collaboration between clients and consultants.

We believe in a holistic approach where expertise and professionalism go hand in hand with decency, thoroughness, transparency, and trusting relationships. Those values ​​extend through everything we do and are the pillars of our work culture.

Our focus on relations is expressed through our close personal contact with both clients and consultants. We are not hesitant to get to know each other, and we take great joy and pride in ensuring the ongoing dialogue both before, during, and after the recruitment process.

For us, this is the approach that adds value and enables us to create the framework for the delivery of highly professional services. Therefore, we are undeniably curious and cannot help but be interested in what is happening in the companies or in the different cultures we encounter through our work.

We create long-term relations and measurable results in collaboration with our clients and consultants.

  • We invest time in getting to know both our clients and consultants well in order to gain the proper understanding of their setup and needs


  • We have respect and understanding for the client’s and consultant’s situation and time frame

  • We seek an open and honest dialogue about opportunities and points of attention in the individual match

  • We are aware of corporate cultures and value matching

  • We have the proper industry knowledge and always consider what it takes to employ and welcome a consultant into a company

  • WE-CRUIT is constantly expanding with competent employees who also represent the same passion, high personal integrity, and a set of values ​​coherent with the foundation WE-CRUIT is based upon.