Find the right IT competencies in your immediate geographical area.

Scale your IT development with nearshoring

If your company has challenges acquiring the right IT competencies, you should consider nearshoring. Nearshoring is defined as outsourcing work tasks to a third party outside the country’s borders – but still within the immediate geographical area. The need for additional IT resources can arise from day to day, and nearshoring can be beneficial for both small and large businesses to accommodate that need quickly.

WE-CRUIT has many years of experience with nearshoring and an extensive network outside the country’s borders. We ensure that you acquire the right IT skills to solve the tasks you need help with. We act as your SAP/IT Freelance Partner who provides you with feedback and the recruitment of your next external IT resource through an efficient and quality-proved process.

Benefits of Nearshoring


When you utilize nearshoring, you will be able to communicate within approximately the same time zone. In this way, you avoid communication problems in connection to time differences, and the consultant is more easily included as a natural part of the team or project. If unforeseen events occur, it will be easier to handle when you communicate and operate in the same time zone. Thus, it is easier to interact in real-time.


Our experience shows that the level of IT knowledge and specialization is high amongst consultants, and there is a much larger selection to choose from compared to the Danish market. Thus, by nearshoring, you can minimize the risks of having scarce IT resources, which could limit your IT initiatives or developments.


When outsourcing tasks, it is essential to be able to communicate in the same language. When you choose nearshoring, it is more likely that you and the consultants you will be working with will be able to communicate and understand each other easily and quickly. English is a common language that people can understand and apply in practice in most countries in our immediate geographical area.


At the bottom line, there will also be several economic benefits from practicing nearshoring, as the market prices are somewhat lower compared to the Danish market. If we compare the Danish market to countries such as Poland, there will be a 20-45% saving on consultants with the same experience and area of expertise as Danish consultants.

Easy nearshoring process

WE-CRUIT makes the process of nearshoring easy for you, and the quality is never compromised. We ensure the quality of all our profiles through a thorough screening process before joining into a collaboration. In addition, we obtain several references from the consultants, and we ensure that the consultant is professionally skilled and has updated knowledge within the field. We work with the most talented IT consultants on the market, and we can testify to their expertise.

Is nearshoring the right solution for your business?

We have access to +5,000 Senior IT freelance consultants, which allows us to provide you with the exact resources you need at the given moment. You can expect a quick response and clarification on delivery within just 2 hours.

We assist you with both recruitment and advice to ensure an optimal process, and we maintain continuing, proactive follow-ups on the task.

There are many parameters in a recruitment process, and we want to facilitate the right match every time. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can talk about your company’s specific needs.

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