We are an ambitious SAP/IT Freelance Partner with many years of industry knowledge, and our core task is to create a fast, accurate, and solid match between companies and SAP/IT consultants. Close and trusting collaboration is essential to our recruitment work. Decency, thoroughness, and transparency are WE-CRUIT’s core values, and it is through them that we achieve continuous quality assurance in our work to create the perfect match between companies and IT consultants. We always put in the extra effort when handling tasks while being present, listening, and giving constructive feedback. Therefore, you can always count on us to say what we mean and mean what we say.

SAP ERP is a resource planning platform. About 335,000 companies spread over approx. 190 countries worldwide use SAP as their preferred system for their daily operations. SAP can centralize the company’s activities and data within sales, order processing, warehousing, HR, purchasing, finance, production, and time registration etc. SAP ERP centralizes the processes and resources in your workplace by increasing automation, optimization, and digitization. You can read more about why SAP ERP is preferred among companies in our in-depth Danish blog post on our website here: https://we-cruit.com/saadan-kan-et-erp-system-optimere-din-forretning/

WE-CRUIT has a wide range of specialists and competent consultants in our local and global network. With our database, which includes over +1,000 SAP consultants and + 5,000 senior IT freelance consultants, we can always find the right IT consultant to help you with your next IT project. Within SAP, in particular, there are many specific roles and areas. Maybe you need a consultant for a particular area or a specific task? You can read much more about which areas our external SAP consultants work with by accessing this link: https://we-cruit.com/en/sap-consultants/

The first step is an in-depth conversation with the customer about needs and requirements for qualifications. The recruitment process then continues with us searching our database for consultants who can match the client’s requirements for professional qualifications. In that process, we call the consultant to present the task and if he or she is available to take on new tasks, we will make a thorough coverage of qualifications, just as we will have other relevant points covered such as travel days, hourly rate, payment terms and the like.

Then we may have some suggestions on how the consultant can make his CV stand out before we send it to the customer. That part is especially important, as a good CV with relevant highlighted qualifications IS the key to getting to the interview. When the CV is ready, we send it to the customer and we of course make sure to give the consultant regular status updates. Before a possible interview, either online or in person, we take care of the practicalities and invite the consultant to a prep talk prior to the interview. In this way, the person in question can feel best dressed to meet the customer by having been introduced to their IT setup and culture in advance.

Whether the consultant is offered the task or not, he or she always receives constructive feedback from us.

When the consultant is offered the task, we review the contracts with both the customer and the consultant to ensure that the formalities are in place. We follow both you and the customer closely during the inflight and onboarding process, so that he or she gets the best possible start. For us, the recruitment process does not end when the consultant works for the client, therefore we will also contact the consultant continuously throughout the duration of the task.

Our most important work tool for finding the right consultants is our network, ability to source / search and our database, where we have +1,000 SAP consultants and + 5,000 senior IT freelance consultants attached. In addition, we also use LinkedIn and other relevant platforms to locate the right consultants for the task. You can e.g. keep an eye on our news and opportunities on our LinkedIn via this link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/14031366/admin/

You fill out the contact form via this link: https://we-cruit.com/konsulenter/bliv-konsulent/
Then we will contact you as soon as possible to have a chat about your qualifications and wishes for future work assignments. You are also always welcome to contact us directly. We would love to have a chat.

Our primary freelance jobs are typically within the SAP area. However, in line with the increasing demand for our competencies, we have expanded and continue expanding our field to combine other types of IT technologies and platforms.

There are several ways to enter the industry as an IT freelance consultant, and our consultants have many different, exciting backgrounds and educations. One of the first prerequisites for becoming an IT freelance consultant is that over time you have gained the right experience, knowledge, and the set of competencies the market demands at the given time. As a consultant, you are hired for the specialist knowledge you possess and that the customer lacks in the company. It is always an advantage if you already know which IT area you would like or are already specialized in.

A variety of IT related higher educations will typically be able to pave the way for a future as an IT freelance consultant, after which the right experience, continuous education and certificates will equip you with the necessary tools to jump into the work as an IT freelance consultant. We are increasingly experiencing a demand that experience is supported by relevant education and certifications.